The Vin Armani Show (3/13/17) – Kevin Hobbs, CEO of The Vanbex Group


On this episode of The Vin Armani Show, we welcome Kevin Hobbs to the show. We are discussing The Legends Room, a new nightlife venue in Vegas that combines a strip club, #Bitcoin, and #blockchain technology.

Kevin Hobbs is the CEO of Vanbex Group and Founder of The Genisys Project. He brings over a decade of management experience to the Firm after working in a variety of professional roles. He is interested in how Blockchain technologies innovate how business is done in the future.

The Vanbex Group was established in 2013 as a strategic communications organization to better tell the story of the companies in the blockchain industry, and has since evolved into a professional services firm that specializes in all aspects of the Blockchain industry.

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