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Who owns your body? Who owns your mind? What is the nature of “ownership” itself?

The consequences of living without clear principles are severe. Discover why Self Ownership is the foundation for morality and property. It transcends religion. Its lessons are observable in nature and consistent in culture. Embracing Self Ownership provides a path to a better life and a more peaceful society.

Today, fewer people than ever hold strong religious or moral beliefs. Society is beginning to reflect that fact. Instinct and emotion are replacing reason and faith. Many now look to the State to police morality. This a grave mistake because the State’s only tool is violence.

There is a better way to organize ourselves. Religions and ethical philosophies have sought to describe reality and deliver a prescription for a good life. Such systems also attempt to provide a road map for a civil society. Unfortunately, too many of these prescriptions place a premium on the collective fantasy of “the common good,” neglecting the inherent rights of the individual.

Self Ownership is the concept at the root of both morality and property. The libertarian Non-Aggression Principle (“Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff”) is merely a branch stemming from this core precept. In this book – a series of thought provoking essays – Vin Armani demonstrates the purpose and power of Self Ownership.